Add sole to your favorite pedals

The Sole Control Fader M90 is purpose built to add real-time control to the iconic MXR® Phase 90.

Simplicity and Certainty

Focus on making music instead of balancing on one foot to carefully make adjustments with the side of your foot.

Unlock New Sounds

The back and forth motion of the Sole Control Fader is very natural and smooth, making it easy to do “wah wah” style sweep of the knob(s) found on traditional stomp boxes.

Space Efficient Design

Easily integrates into virtually any rig. Get control without the overhead of an expression pedal.

Zero Commitment or Strings

Installs in a couple minutes with no permanent alterations or drilling required – leaving your pedal’s value intact. ….even if you break up and move on.

Built to Last

3D printed using industrial grade materials (PETG). All screws are stainless steel and the belt is replaceable. Assembled by hand in Frisco Texas.

Every guitarist needs a Phase 90 – Every Phase 90 needs a Sole Control

ToneSpawn is not affiliated with Dunlop® or MXR® in any way. All trademarks are their own, and we are just fans of the pedals they make.